We start with Rs. 1999 and provide 8 classes in a month.

We suggest you to complete with the selected dance form at least for the selected duration. However, you are free to revise it as soon as the renewal occurs.

Yes Definitely, Please visit our academy and take demo session as well.

We teach almost all western dance forms like Salsa, Ballet, Belly, Contemporary, Hip Hop including Bollywood, Parkour and Zenith Dance Workout. For more information, feel free to contact us or visit your nearest academy centre.

However it depends on which style attracts you more but for anything you need to learn and get clear with the basics. So go for the basic sessions first.

Any age group that can follow the instructions given in the class by the instructors are welcome.

We have a professional team of instructors for each centre, specialized in different dance form for the best quality experiences.

Yes, of course, we look forward to providing you with additional benefits if you can get more references.

No as of now, we do not have such a policy in our Academy.

Not yet but we can definitely think about it.

We love to promote our students and provide them with the right kind of platform if they are talented and passionate enough.

Yes, you can get your missed class back only once you inform us prior about it. You may get further information from your counsellor.

You can become a dancer by completing our professional course which can be completed either in 12 or 21 months. For more queries, please write to us at info@zenithdanceacademy.in

You can go through with our Career page to see the new job openings. or write to us at hr@zenithdanceacademy.in with your dance videos.

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