Foreign Artist


Yarinka Batcheva


This Ballerina from Columbia is highly trained and passionate towards learning and teaching.

With an experience of more than 15 years of teaching, she has trained and performed all over the world. Exclusive salsa training makes her a Superior combination of Ballet and Salsa through which she flaunts her skill as gracefully as possible. She is Yarinka Batcheva presented by Zenith dance company

Tania Julieth


Certified and professional instructor from Columbia with the specialisation in Samba and Salsa especially brought down by Zenith dance company to serve the best. With an experience of more than 5 years she has made dance her passion and trained a lot of students around the world.


Jargalmaa Baataar & Agiimaa Dashzeveg


With an experience of over 13 years, the Guinness world record holder, Agiimaa and Jargalmaa are the best contortionists. Travelled around the world with their talent in countries like- China, turkey, Mangolia, Switzerland and Russia etc, and teaching in the famous schools over there, now these ultra-talented beauties have been called to India by Zenith dance Company for the best services to be offered.

Laly Xiomara

Flamenco/Romba Workout

One of the best Romba and Flamenco performer/instructor from Columbia, Laly, is now a part of Zenith dance company, to make sure that you get the best at the service from us. Watch out for the never seen before sessions from this multi- talented lady .

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