Since 1993

Zenith promises to open up the new dimensions of entertainment in your life.

“Your passion can be your career”; we believe that everybody in this world is born with extraordinary talent. You just need to explore and nourish it. Zenith is ready to take the responsibility.

More than 15 years of successful journey, the two visionary founders of Zenith- Mr. SoorajKatoch and Ms. Ritu Kapoor, they believe in celebrating life with joy and passion.

After performing more than 10,000 live shows all over the world and sending waves in the international market. Being innovative and showman of the Dance world we work in a planned and organized system with 10 fully equipped centers with latest standard technical gadgets in Delhi and Mumbai.

Some of our biggest creations, Danceizere 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014, Ramkali (Ballet) – The Good Women of Delhi, Tribute to MJ.

And now we are ready to introduce International Dance style “Musical Ballet”.

“Krishna”- the mythological tale of lord Krishna.

We understand your need and desire to make your dance style more interesting and eye pleasing with our own in-house designing costume team and Audio-Video setup


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