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If you wish to join our academy, here is what we have to offer to you:



We proudly accept that Bollywood dance style is our speciality.

Our instructors can teach all Bollywood dance numbers, retro or new, along with the hook steps, as well as, fresh moves. Name any dance performed in a film, show, event ever and we are ready to get you into the groove.

Bollywood dance is considered as an expressive and energetic dance form. You can simply pick the beats and lyrics and perform on them. Not only you will stay fit but you will also learn some new moves as our instructors make sure to add the uniqueness of their own to every dance. Just let yourself loose and enjoy the boundless spirit of Bollywood dances.


Dance is not only about how you move (or express) but also about how you feel!

Contemporary dance form requires a performer to completely immerse him/her into the act. Forget about the audience or anything in the world and just feel the soul of the song. Once you start feeling the dance, you will be able to naturally express the story through your emotions and movements. This is exactly what Zenith wants every student to remember whenever they perform.



For Zenith, Belly dance is a way to give wings to the women.

Zenith is highly considered in woman empowering. We empower women by giving them opportunity in dancing arena. We encourage them by giving versatility of dance. Learn everything from costumes to style and expressions from Zenith’s belly dance experts.


Began our journey with Hip-Hop and look where it got us!!!

With so many well-known hip-hop steps to our credit, we continue to teach this dance form with the same passion with which we began two decades ago. We teach various forms of hip-hop - urban, popping, locking and breaking.



Stay fit with Zenith’s workout

Zenith brings exciting workouts for people who are simply tired of the gym. You can lose weight and stay fit without putting yourself through boring exercise regime. Get ready to dance your way to health with our exclusive workouts that are designed for health conscious people of today.


From a free running technique to a dance form

Zenith Academy introduced Parkour in India. We started teaching this art form to students who wanted to incorporate fitness training into dance. We use parkour in our live acts and on-stage performances to create spellbinding shows.


International Dance Forms

Bringing international dance forms to India.

There are so many different international dance forms that we wanted our students to explore and learn. Our team of international dancers love to try new things and create fusion performances by incorporating ethnic and international dance forms.

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