Dance Instructors

Namrita Malla


One of the gem of Zenith Dance Academy, who has now been featured in numerous albums and songs. Apart from being a fascinating dancer herself, she specialises in the dance forms like Bollywood and belly. 

Geeta Tamta


One of her kind, Geeta takes up the choreography as if it is there in her blood.

She specialises in semi-classical form of dance which she does and makes you do in the best way possible.

Sonam Saxena


Most experienced and one of the leading lady of zenith, Sonam, who specialises in dance forms like Bollywood.

She can make you dance like anything.

Abhijeet Singh Khurana


Hip-Hop dude as known in Zenith, Abhishek is trained and master of techniques and know-how of Hip-hop.

It may be any aspect; he is the one to know it all. From ‘Old-School’ to “Urban”

Rahul Kumar


Rahul can jump it over anything. Known for his style and Stunts, he can teach various eye-catching elements in a short time span. He specialises in acrobats which varies from rolling on his head (head-roll) to Flips (back-flip/front-flip ) etc.

Chandrika Chaudhary


Known for her belly dance skills, Chandrika is one of the most wanted instructor of Zenith.

Apart from belly she is also a fine fitness and workout instructor.



Suraj, also known as Shoki, is one of the most versatile instructors of Zenith. He can go from Hip-Hop to Parkour/Acrobats or from Aerial training to Intense workout. He can guide you on how to lose weight or how to strengthen your body at the same time. 


Forte- Contemporary/hip hop/popping

Deepak is one of the instructors who can make you drop your jaw by his moves. The level of flexibility and clarity of technique makes you wanting him even more.


Forte- Belly

Belly has been the most captivating dance form of all time now and here is the finest belly instructor of the team. Learn belly dance of different style like Turkish, Egyptian and Indian with basic knowhow.


Forte- Malkhamb/Contemporary/Hip hop

Mind blowing malkhamb performer and trainer with advance skills in contemporary and Hop-hop. Learn basic and advance level of mentioned dance forms with sound technicality.


Forte- Hip hop

Saif is amongst the Finest hip-hop instructors in the team. trained in liquid popping, crumping and several other hip -hop classifications, variations of hip hop are on his fingertips. You may just think it to be easy, watching him dance.


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