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With our professional dance courses, we provide a developed dynamic program for those who wish to pursue dance as a profession or as a career. We aim for a professional growth of dancers, expose them to different dance styles like, Belly, Hip-Hop, contemporary, Ballet etc. To give them the best performance experience, skills, stage presentation and much more.

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Bollywood Dance Classes

Learn to dance from our Bollywood dance classes taught by world-class dance instructors, and choreographers. You will also get to learn exercises, combinations, warm-ups for any skill level. Our courses are designed to fit around everyone’s schedules.

Contemporary Dance Classes

Discover the inner dancer in you, with our contemporary dance classes. This dance style solely belongs to the beginning of the 20th century. It has been an integral part of the dance and other art forms since then. This style is a fusion of lyrical and classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, and others.


Best Belly Dance Classes

Belly dancing gives your body a reason to smile and lets your soul soar! At Zenith Dance Academy, we teach our students all the complex yet expressive body movements centered around the torso. Mastering the dance moves is only one part of learning it! Explore more with us.


Hip Hop Dance

The fusion of dance includes locking, popping, ballet, jazz, breaking, tap dancing & other dance styles. The dance form that is a full-body workout, has high impact & anaerobic health benefits. It strengthens the muscles in your arms, legs, core improving joints and bone health.

Dance Instructors

Zenith’s dance instructors are one of the well-known and prominent ones in the dance and entertainment industry. With them you can learn world class dance techniques, best choreography routines. They will teach you in well-settled groups or private lessons.





















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Stars Speak

Some established entertainers speak their heart out about us….

What Students Says About Us

If instructors are the roots, our students are the blossoming flowers of our institute and their reviews matter the most…

Great place to learn dance. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced levels as well. Instructors are well-qualified and make the learning simple.

Sachin Sharma

Amazing academy… I loved each n everything over here… I have seen plenty of videos of zenith performances… And these people are so amazing…they do so many wow elements in their performances.

Sachin Sharma

The best dance studio in this region for learning Music and Dance. I highly recommend this studio for people who want to make a career in dancing.

Shruti Singh

This is the best place for making yourself the best professional dancer… These people are amazing and they give so many opportunities to perform on the bigger platforms.

Ryan Jax

My sister’s wedding was very near and I want to perform the best at the function. This dance studio helped me a lot! I only have joined the classes for 1 week and everyone has loved my performance!

Diwakar Tiwari

Zenith is the best Dance academy i have ever seen.i am glad to be a part of Zenith.I learnt so many dance forms here n still learning. Keep dancing

Bhavna Chauhan

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