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Zenith Dance Courses

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      We serve the best parkour course in Delhi.

      Parkour is one of the unique and rarely found forms to learn which can be found in Delhi and all over the country. Parkour requires discipline, skills to tackle obstacles and learning to deal with sudden hurdles with different techniques.

      You can find all these in a single package only at Zenith Dance Academy, Delhi’s one of the most prominent dance schools. We have skilled parkour professionals, who not only teach how to become a master in parkour but give various

      “Parkour was never invented by anyone, it’s always there”

      Parkour is a skill which is always there in an athlete. It’s just that we need something to nourish it and provide training to make it better. Just like the natural or man-made environment or professional training environment.

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      Shokky is one of the most versatile instructors of Zenith. He can go from Parkour to Intense workout. He can guide you on how to lose weight or how to strengthen your body at the same time.

      Sonam Saxena

      Sonam Saxena


      Most experienced and one of the leading lady of zenith, Sonam, who specialises in dance forms like Bollywood.
      She can make you dance like anything.

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      Note: Online Classes will be conducted on zoom. If you are willing to join our offline classes, Please visit our centre in Mayur Vihar

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        If instructors are the roots, our students are the blossoming flowers of our institute and their reviews matter the most…

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