Make Your Career In Dance

Apart from being a fine skill, dancing can be a well-paying career too. It can earn you recognition, fame, and lots of money as well. With our assistance and training, you can grow into a Dancer, Performer, Instructor, or a Choreographer.

You can participate in various national and international dance competitions and win big prizes. What’s more, you can get a break in the entertainment industry and go on to choreograph an award-winning dance number!!!

Here is a sneak peek into what the payouts in various careers look like for Zenith students:

Our well-trained dancers can earn around 20 to 60 thousand per month. Instructor:
Our students can earn 20 to 50 thousand per month as instructors. Choreographer:
Undeniably, the highest-paying career is that of a choreographer with earnings starting from 1 Lakh or more.

Besides a lucrative job, dancing promises you the most priceless thing in the world – your health. People usually spend a huge sum of their savings on their well being. In contrast, a dancer never spends a penny on it. The reason is simple. Dance keeps you fit and strong and heals a lot of health issues. There are so many real-life incidents where people suffering from worst diseases miraculously recovered, thanks to their love for dance. With regular practice and dancing, you can beat your illness and lead a healthy, happy life.


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