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Zenith Dance Challenge 2020

Zenith Dance Challenge – Zenith has always stood up at the time of need. Likewise in the time of pandemic due to Covid-19, the world was in the hassle of what will happen, at Zenith, the founders’ Ms Ritu Kapoor and Mr Sooraj Katoch were worried more about their fraternity. Considering it as the time…
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5 Pro Tips For Your First Dance Class.

Ready to become part of dance class but confuse how to start? Then surely you will need to practice moves from the basic level to gaining popularity. Dance has the power to rejuvenate the body. You might associate with belly, ballet, or any other dance as you embark on a dancing journey. Similarly to making…
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Why dance is good for your brain?

Dancing is the most popular performing art that steadily occupies a certain place in our lives. As we moved into the modern dancing year, it has been completely converted in terms of everything. Millions of dance styles are recreational or professional whether it is ballroom dancing or breakdown. Dance has huge benefits that currently used…
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Danceizere 2019

The most awaited dance event is about to begin


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